About Aussie books for Zim



Aussie Books for Zim is an Australian registered charity with deductible gift recipient status (ABN 13462778021). We collect books and stationery from Australian communities, schools, families and individuals to set up school libraries in rural Zimbabwe. Our goal is to improve literacy in these communities, in order to empower kids with knowledge and the confidence to contribute to shaping the world they live in.

The idea for the project emerged after founder Dr Alfred Chidembo observed the large volumes of  books in excellent condition that were annually discarded in Australia. Further, Australian libraries send to the landfill at least 5 million books yearly. These books could otherwise be ‘recycled’ and used in libraries of disadvantaged communities worldwide. The Aussie Books for Zim project was subsequently launched to address this gap.

alfred by bob peet

Aussie books for Zim has full knowledge of how books can transform lives and would like together with like -minded people, communities and companies ensure that more of tomorrows doctors, teachers and lawyers will arise from these disadvantaged schools through this project. Together with a team of passionate volunteers we hope to give children in rural Zimbabwe a chance to escape the throngs of poverty through books. We hope to set up links and share education programs between Australia and Zimbabwe thereby creating impactful relations between the two countries.


“A book is a gift you can open again and again”

Garrison Keillor




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  1. Chingakham says:

    Very Nice intiative


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