Asher Moyo

Asher Moyo

Asher grew up in Zimbabwe and didn’t have access to many books; school text books were shared among students. There was no culture of reading, most of the learning came directly from the teachers.

A friend introduced Asher to a series of African novels called The Pacesetters. They had western-style stories in an African context, and they had a powerful impact on Asher’s life. Reading those novels helping him with his schooling and allowed his imagination to soar.

Many years later, Asher moved to the South Coast of NSW where we works, and also devotes his spare time to assisting Aussie Books for Zim. Asher has been blown away by the people of the Illawarra (and beyond) and is excited about what this group can offer children now and in the future.



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  1. Asher Moyo says:

    Yebo baba My apologies for late response Mr Dube. Do you have a contact number?


    1. Muzie says:

      Hello.Yes l do.+263775458720.That’s my whatsapp number.We can talk more on this number


  2. Muziwandile Dube says:

    Good day Asher.My name is Muziwandile Dube.l teach at Tsholotsho District in Zimbabwe.l would like to request for assistance for books,tables and chairs for my school


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