Nathan lends a hand

“When I was little, from about the time I first learned to read, my grandmother would take my sister and I to the local community center where the “BookMobile”, a small bus retrofitted to carry books from the town library, would stop once a week. They had all kinds of books, I always searched through…

Golden Key cocktail party

What a wonderful evening we had at the cocktail party hosted by the UoW Golden Key Member Society.   Thanks to all those who came to support us and to the Golden Key Members who organised this fabulous event. We are truly humbled by your willingness to help, the books and your donation of $350…

Love of books is best of all

“There are many little ways to enlarge your child’s world.  Love of books is best of all.” – Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Oh, the places you’ll go

Do you remember your first year at school?  I do.  I remember walking down this corridor and standing at assembly early in the morning in grade one. Little did I know that one day I’d be graduating with a PhD in Materials Engineering (with a heavy focus on Electrochemistry and Nanotechnology) in Australia. Somebody gave…

We live in a global village

Are you part of the ‘global village’? Yes? Then the following proverb should ring true – ‘It takes a village to raise a child’. Let’s come together and make a change in the lives of these kids who occupy a part of that same village, but who may have been forgotten.

A friend is someone you share the path with

“A friend is someone you share the path with”~African proverb. Thank you to Cedars Christian College for the donation of 26 boxes full of books and stationery. Karen Jooste, and all the staff and kids from Cedars Christian College, have decided to share this path with us and we are very thankful for all your help.  

Visit to Mavhurazi Primary School

Alfred has recently returned from a successful and exciting trip to Zimbabwe where I had a chance to visit Mavhurazi Primary School in Zimbabwe and also start some dialogue with some important people on the ground before we send our first set of books. The ground work has been done and the books collected. We now…

The long walk

Sometimes it’s hard to get kids motivated to go to school right? And that’s when they’ve got fantastic activities with brilliant resources awaiting them. These kids from Mavhurazi Primary in Zimbabwe walk for several kilometres to and from school, and all they get when they arrive is an old blackboard. No books. No computers. No…

Sunday afternoon

What else would you do on a sunny Sunday but unload books!? Here’s the link to donate a few dollars

Asher Moyo

Asher grew up in Zimbabwe and didn’t have access to many books; school text books were shared among students. There was no culture of reading, most of the learning came directly from the teachers. A friend introduced Asher to a series of African novels called The Pacesetters. They had western-style stories in an African context,…