Precious Mugadza


Precious grew up in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. She started her schooling at Thomas Rudland Primary School, where she was introduced to a love of books through a mobile library that came to her school once a week. The number of books were limited, which prompted Precious to ask her parents to enroll her with the bigger Bulawayo Public Library in the city centre.

She remembers enjoying book series such as Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Famous Five and Secret Seven.

Precious studied in Zimbabwe and South Africa, and is an Agricultural Economist by profession. She enjoys travelling (27 countries and counting!) and going on safaris.

Precious is fairly new to Australia – she has been here for less than two years, after moving to be with her husband Alfred.

She is currently enjoying raising their first new baby girl and juggling that with Aussie Books for Zim, for which she looks after all the project management and operational activities. Precious is the one collecting books from drop-off points, counting, packing and weighing!


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