Do you have books to donate?

We are grateful for any books that are suitable for children.

Here are the drop-off points in Wollongong:

(1)    Unikids North and South (University of Wollongong)
(2)    Woonona Primary School
(3)    Keiraville Community Preschool
(4)    Little School Preschool (Dapto)
(5)    Curious Kids Early Learning Centre (Flinders)
(6)    SeaView Preschool (Blackbutt)
(7)    Innovation Campus (IAccelerate Building)
(8)    Innovation Campus AIIM Building
(9)    Phytness HealthCare Fairy Meadow and UOW URAC
(10)  KU Bulli Preschool


Can you help with a drop-off point or book storage in Sydney or around the country?

We would love to hear from you!


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Drop us a line: 




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